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A different kind of business school

GLOBIS University has grown exponentially since its inception, becoming Japan’s largest business school and a global institution. With us, an MBA is not just a degree, but a holistic transformative experience.

Learn how GLOBIS brings together practicality and purpose.

Choose the program that’s best for you

At GLOBIS, we provide flexible learning opportunities to accommodate different needs–available time, experience, work, and lifestyle. Choose the right program for you.


A mix of live classes with independent, AI-assisted business study.


For-credit, select MBA courses to gain immediate practical skills.

Full-time MBA

An intensive, one-year program in Tokyo that includes a three-month internship.

Part-time & Online MBA

A flexible, two-year program offering online and in-person learning.
  • nano-MBA

  • Pre-MBA

  • Full-time MBA

  • Part-time & Online MBA

  • Mihoko Suzuki

    “Thanks to the program’s strong focus on developing your personal mission, I solidified my kokorozashi to give working mothers the freedom to choose their own lifestyles. GLOBIS gave me the clarity to transition from holding a stagnant position to pursuing my passion advocating for working mothers. ”

  • Juan Carlos Avila Caceres

    “I wanted to study, live, and work in Japan, but I didn’t want to be out of the job market any longer than I had to be. GLOBIS offered a one-year degree, which suited my time frame perfectly.”

  • Jenny Lo

    “The benefit of starting with the Pre-MBA is the early experience you get with MBA courses without needing to commit too much time. Taking one course at a time allowed me to experience what MBA study would be like before committing to a full program.”

  • Kenji Kawamura

    “GLOBIS’s Part-time & Online MBA courses were the most diverse environment I’ve ever experienced. Taking classes with people from other countries was very exciting.”

  • Hika Lee

    “I found the program's accessibility from anywhere, and the availability of instant feedback from AI and peers, to be highly motivating and inspiring.”

An Integrated Learning Ecosystem

Explore different ways to learn business

Our lineup of educational services supports your professional development in a way that suits your schedule, preferred learning style, and goals.

Initiating meaningful change is not easy. Discover how GLOBIS equips you with extensive knowledge, a supportive network, and the right mindset to make an impact.

Life at GLOBIS

Be part of a community united in making a difference. Learn about our lifelong learning and networking support. Discover our Tokyo Campus.

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