Mihoko Suzuki

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2012
  • Japan
  • Community Director, KonMari Media Japan
What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I became a mother right after university, but wanted to start a career. Like many working mothers, I found work-life balance difficult. I had a frustrating secretarial job that had no upward mobility, so I started looking for a way to upgrade my skills.

I joined a trial class at GLOBIS and loved the interactive style of the class. It was an easy decision to start taking courses.”

What did you like about the GLOBIS experience?

I like that GLOBIS lecturers are actual business professionals who know the real business world. Each class discussion is very interactive, and with such a diverse group of students, I learned a lot. In addition, the class content was so practical that I could apply it to work the next day.

How did GLOBIS help your career after graduation?

“During the program, I solidified my kokorozashi to give working mothers the freedom to choose their own lifestyles. I also learned the basics of doing business and how to think from a management perspective. Soon after graduation, one of my classmates introduced me to a startup company that connects users with affordable housekeeping services. I was able to leverage the network and practical knowledge from my MBA in a new career.

Currently, I work for KonMari Media Japan as a community director. We aim to share the life-changing experience of tidying with a global audience. I truly enjoy my career, which unifies my passion and skills to create positive change in society, and I will continue pursuing my kokorozashi to empower working mothers in Japan.”