Practical Application

Gain practical insight to drive impactful decisions

Making an impact requires risks and sacrifices, so we strive to foster courageous leadership in every student. There are no one-way lectures at GLOBIS. Everyone participates in case study discussions, simulating tough decisions as CEOs and managers. Led by our experienced faculty, you’ll learn to take in both the micro-and macro-perspective for effective communication and leadership. These skills build from class to class, allowing you to experience tangible changes in the way you think and act in a business context.

Faculty with experience on the ground

GLOBIS lecturers are industry professionals at the forefront of business. They have in-depth knowledge and a wealth of practical experience as managers and consultants. Their practical expertise ensures that the GLOBIS curriculum is firmly grounded in the realities of contemporary business.

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Practical knowledge gained through partnership with 6,700 companies

The GLOBIS MBA curriculum is constantly updated to keep up with changes in the world of business. We share problem-solving insights from GLOBIS startup investments and corporate training programs, as well as traditional frameworks and case studies to ensure your business education is well-rounded, unique, and practical.

GLOBIS’s corporate training program is one of the most extensive in Japan. Among approximately 6,700 clients, we proudly serve Japanese giants of industry such as Toyota, Bridgestone, Hitachi, Shiseido, Takeda Pharmaceutical, and Japan Airlines.

We incorporate the experience from our wide-reaching business activities into our MBA, creating a unique curriculum of proven expertise to benefit you. Our course on Globalization of Japanese and Asian companies, for example, was developed through discussions and analyses with GLOBIS corporate clients.

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A learning experience of active discussion

The case study method is applied throughout the GLOBIS MBA. That means you’ll have hundreds of opportunities to play the role of decision-maker in actual business scenarios that require you to analyze the situation, develop solutions, and gain buy-in.

  • Norio Tashiro

    “What I liked most about the courses was the practical learning approach. My most memorable experience was when I successfully convinced the president to implement a new IT system based on the advice provided by my finance course lecturer. I was also able to negotiate a higher salary for myself.”