Sample Course Path

Pre-MBA students can take up to eight courses as a foundation of the GLOBIS MBA. Students typically take between one and three courses per term, depending on their interests. Which courses you take is ultimately up to you, but the following order is recommended:

  1. Start with Critical Thinking to prime yourself for discussion and analysis across our entire curriculum.
  2. Continue on to a functional understanding with courses on accounting, marketing, strategy, and leadership.
  3. Polish your MBA foundation with a wider view in our strategy courses.

We recommend working your way from the bottom of the diagram to the top.


Some courses have recommended preliminary courses. Taking the preliminary courses first will maximize the value you get from the course. Please refer to the list of recommended preliminary courses here.

A Comment from GLOBIS Faculty

  • Jake Pratley

    “Today’s leaders need to be able to solve complex problems and communicate their ideas persuasively in high-pressure, constantly evolving environments. In Critical Thinking, we focus on developing these fundamental skills that allow students to immediately work with more impact and confidence, both in their work and throughout their MBA studies.”