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Corporate Philosophy and Social Values

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In this course students will learn about various values created by corporations. Besides visible, economic values, students will also discover invisible social values. Throughout the course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the corporate actions necessary to create social values and the philosophies and visions managers and employees should follow.

While keeping in mind the perspectives of various stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees and the community, students will study the roles and responsibilities corporations have toward society, and how these are related to their management philosophy and strategy.

Using 1 to 2 cases for each class, students will discuss ways of realizing and creating social values within a company.

Students will consider their own personal opinions of what constitutes social values and how to realize these while learning from examples in case studies and through research while writing the report.

This course is intended for those wanting to become managers as well as those wanting to reflect on and actualize their company’s raison d’être and the meaning of their own position within the company. As a prerequisite, students attending this course should already possess basic knowledge and skills in management related fields.

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