Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Structure

Each course falls into one of three categories: Fundamental, Applied, and Specialized. You’ll start by acquiring core knowledge with Fundamental courses, and then hone your skills with Applied courses. From there, Specialized courses focus on areas specific to your future career.


Curriculum Disciplines

The GLOBIS curriculum covers essential MBA knowledge for any business setting. But it also builds on that knowledge with entrepreneurial, technological, and global insights that will help you stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing world.

Your business foundation will start with basic disciplines such as Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategy, and Accounting and Finance.

In addition to those skills, gain technological, entrepreneurial, and global insights through our unique study areas.

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Curriculum Map (from Academic Year 2023)

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Please view important notes for details on differences between the Full-time MBA and Part-time & Online MBA curriculum requirements.

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Important Notes

Please note that depending on whether you are enrolled in the Full-time MBA or Part-time & Online MBA, there are some differences in requirements and available courses:

  • Critical Thinking is required for Full-time MBA students.
  • Integrated Learning Program – Internship is for Full-time MBA only.
  • There were changes in the Required/Required Elective courses starting from Academic Year 2023. Please see the details here.