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Design Thinking and User Experience

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The role of design in management has shifted. The importance of design has increased as focus has moved from creativity and branding (Design 1.0) to a more people-centered approach (Design 2.0). Design is still evolving, and its influence can be seen in “backwards workflows” that start with the values of the customer experience and fit the business around these, and in using design as an operating system that realizes strategy, or in cultivating a design-oriented corporate culture.

In this course, we will deepen our understanding and sharpen our creativity while discussing cases of innovation that revolutionize customer experience through technology born from people-centered concepts. On Day 1, we will organize ourselves into groups to carry out a three-month project that makes use of the design thinking methods covered in the course and apply them to business.

This course is ideal for active business leaders, especially those concerned with customer experience, aiming to create new services and value, or those interested in ideas and methods for creating innovation.

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