Part-time & Online MBA

Online Learning

A 100% Live Online Experience

You can choose to complete the Part-time & Online MBA program completely online. GLOBIS online classes are held in real time using video-conferencing software.

Connect live with lecturers and classmates from around the world to gain diverse insights into international business.

Experience the GLOBIS MBA 100% online:

  • Discuss, collaborate, and debate in small classes held live online.
  • Actively participate through virtual whiteboards, breakout sessions, polls, and more.
  • Get instant feedback from faculty and peers and apply new insights to your work right away.
  • Receive personalized feedback on your work and one-on-one support from lecturers.
  • Connect with a diverse community of classmates from representing over 19 nationalities to enrich your perspective.

The GLOBIS Online Difference

Our online MBA courses are in-person courses redesigned for remote delivery. Each class is based on real-time interactions with live lecturers and classmates. This includes discussions, breakout sessions, hands-on exercises, and more. Enjoy 100% synchronous online learning from your home or office.

Life as an Online Student

Studying online with GLOBIS University is nearly identical to the on-campus classroom experience. The only difference is that, instead of commuting to our campus in Tokyo, you’ll attend classes via our virtual learning platform.

Before Class

Review real business cases.

Begin by logging into the GLOBIS Virtual Campus, your virtual home as an online student. From there, download your course materials to prepare for class.

Generally, each class requires 6-8 hours of preparation, including the submission of a short pre-assignment for discussion. Most courses also require a more detailed report once per term to demonstrate comprehension.

During Class

Join classes live online.

Connect with your GLOBIS MBA lecturer and classmates from around the world for live discussions.

Most courses consist of 6 online classes (each 3 hours) held bi-weekly. All GLOBIS courses are highly interactive, and online is no exception. Active participation is key.

After Class

Deepen your learning through online collaboration tools.

Continue learning after class through specialized discussion boards. Post your thoughts and reflections and debate with other students.

Lecturers are part of the discussion as well, offering insights and feedback based on their own business experience.


You can take advantage of networking opportunities throughout the program. These include study sessions, team meetings for group projects, virtual get-togethers after class, extra-curricular events, club activities, and more.

Expand your network globally and establish relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Yu-tien Tseng

    “I chose online because I needed to take care of my baby. In the beginning, I was quite nervous about interacting with lecturers and classmates online, but I quickly got used to it and found it so amazing and fun! Lectures are always very proactive in encouraging participation to deepen learning.”

  • Jenny Lo

    “What I liked the most about studying online was the ample time allowed for discussions and the smaller group breakout sessions for in-depth conversation. Also, the Part-time & Online MBA is a great starter for the digital and virtual work environment that we are now all in.”