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Technovate for Future Enterprise

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This course delves into the pivotal strategic components and established practices needed to comprehend the paradigm shift propelled by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the formulation of New Industry 5.0 strategies.

The course will guide the participants through the process of analysis, planning, and implementation of innovative digital business and operation strategies from a practical business point of view, developing during the course a deep vision about the Future Enterprise, the business, and social implications.

Throughout this course, we will deal with strategic dimensions of digital business transformation by analyzing recent cases, especially in the manufacturing sectors which underpin the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students will acquire the fundamentals to understand innovative digital business strategies and their impact on corporate decisions and on the company’s growth and sustainability.

Students will develop skills and knowledge regarding concepts of strategic management and applications in the future global marketplace that will strongly support their professional career as entrepreneurs, executives, or consultants in the field of IoT business transformation and new business models.

Topics covered in this course:

1 How the Industrial Revolutions transformed societies and economies to foster growth and new business opportunities and the main characteristics of The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal.

2 The main emerging technologies and applications that will connect customers, devices, and companies in a digital world.

3 To formulate corporate, business, and functional strategies by developing a comprehensive customer value proposition that often includes different technologies and functions.

4 The management challenges of both digital business transformations and entrepreneurship in fast-moving industries with aggressive, well-endowed competitors.

5 To map out IoT business strategies for an incrementally complex and changing context.

6 About the crucial role of senior managers in driving digital transformations.

This course is intended for all students who aspire to acquire the strategic fundamentals and skills to be capable of analyzing digital business transformation issues. By the end of this course, students should be able to understand, discuss, and define business strategies and tactics toward The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

*This course was previously known as Industry 4.0

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Eligible for Pre-MBA, learn more.

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