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Asian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Business Expansion Project

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GLOBIS University is pleased to announce its new course offering, “Asian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Business Expansion Project.” This course aims to accelerate the growth and transformation of our corporate partners, especially overseas SMEs, family businesses, startups, and ventures owned by GLOBIS graduates.

We are honored to have ”Siam Hands Co. Ltd.” (, the leading apparel manufacturing and retail company in Thailand, as the inaugural partner for this course. Siam Hands’ corporate mission is “Delivering high-quality products for customers around the world through beautiful minds and delicate hands.” While their main business is in the Apparel SPA sector, they also venture into the cafe business. Furthermore, they have started to create an ecosystem to run various CSR activities (e.g., sharing their knowledge and supporting the businesses of Hill Tribes, offering educational scholarships, etc.), with the aim of contributing to Thai society.

In an era of significant global transformation, Siam Hands faces the need to change. As the garment industry in Thailand is considered a sunset industry, the company needs to explore new or different business avenues for sustainable growth.

In this course, students will work on the real case of developing a sustainable new business strategy for Siam Hands and contribute to the company’s growth.

This highly practical course will give students a rare opportunity to tackle a real-world managerial issue by integrating and applying what they have learned throughout the MBA program.

This course welcomes students who are eager to work with Siam Hands and propose new ideas to its management team, which includes an alumnus of the GLOBIS Full-Time MBA program. Students are expected to apply concepts and business frameworks from courses such as Strategy, Marketing, Managerial Accounting, and Leadership Development, Ethics and Values, along with their kokorozashi.

In addition to the above, it is important for the students to be aware of the following points before taking the course.

1. This course requires students to act autonomously and proactively seek unknown solutions, rather than engage in passive learning.
2. Unlike the case method, students are expected to work collaboratively in groups on individual themes and conduct activities such as analysis and research outside of class.
3. Consequently, a more intense and higher level of individual commitment is required compared to regular courses.

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*Due to the characteristics of the course, application of the substitute class and leave of absence system is not available.
** Themes and the order of the class may change.

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