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Facilitation and Negotiation

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Facilitation and negotiation skills are vital for many people in business. The objective of this course is to give students reproducible and practical skills that will better prepare them for meetings and projects. In this course students will learn:

– The role of the facilitator and negotiator, and how they think
– How to clarify the objective of the meeting or project, and what issues to take into account
– Techniques to handle meetings and how to ask questions
– How to structure an entire discussion and minimize diversions
– How to encourage the commitments of participants and build consensus through discussion
– How to appropriately resolve conflicting interests between parties and enhance the value achieved through negotiations

This course is intended for those students who encounter issues in meetings, such as unclear and unfocused discussions, and want to build consensus in meetings while avoiding being perceived as too forceful.

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Eligible for Pre-MBA, learn more.

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