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The Japanese Management: New Systems, Lasting Values course will be converted from MBA to Pre-MBA course from the 2024 January term

August 24th, 2023|School Announcements
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With the increasing interest in Japan and Japanese management received at GLOBIS’ hub campuses in Asia (Singapore and Thailand), the U.S., and Europe (Belgium), we have decided to offer the Japanese Management: New Systems, Lasting Values course as a Pre-MBA course, which has been open to MBA students only until now.

The course is targeted toward students who want to take a serious look at the core challenges that Japanese management faces as well as the possibilities of Japanese management, and those who want to study the effects of history, culture and institutions on management.

Pre-MBA students who are just starting their MBA journey as well as MBA students who have already advanced in their studies will find the course very beneficial to further deepen their knowledge in Japanese management and learn how it should evolve in the future.

The course will be opened as a Pre-MBA course from the 2024 January term. It will be offered in the GLOBIS USA in the 2024 January term and in Tokyo in the 2024 July term.
*Tokyo campus students can also register for this course in the GLOBIS USA, once the registration for the 2024 January term is open.

In the 2024 January term the course will be taught by former Dean of the English MBA Programs at GLOBIS, Mr. Tomoya Nakamura, whose main areas of focus are leadership, kokorozashi and globalization.

We believe this change would provide an opportunity for more students to study one of the unique GLOBIS University’s courses and create a more diverse learning environment.