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GLOBIS University Announces 1st English MBA Alumni Awards Winners

November 2nd, 2023|Community News
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GLOBIS University is pleased to announce the winners of the 1st GLOBIS English MBA Alumni Awards. At the ceremony, held on Friday, October 8th 2023, during the English MBA Alumni Reunion, two English MBA alumni received rewards in two categories: Creation and Social.

Established in 2005, the GLOBIS Alumni Awards have honored alumni who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective categories within the year of their nomination. In 2023, a significant change was introduced to the Alumni Awards: the first-ever English MBA Alumni Awards. This dedicated award ceremony spotlights the noteworthy accomplishments of alumni from the English MBA community. By hosting a ceremony dedicated solely to our English MBA alumni, GLOBIS hopes to foster a unique community for global alumni to celebrate each other’s achievements.

Nomination Categories

The English MBA Alumni Awards are divided into three distinct categories. The ‘’creation’’ category is awarded to ‘’outstanding entrepreneurs, individuals who have started a new business within an existing company, or individuals who have created value to society through business.’’ The ‘’transformation’’ category likewise honors ‘’outstanding individuals who have turned around organizations or businesses, or have brought significant change(s) to an industry.’’ Finally, the ‘’social’’ category (added to the award ceremony in 2021) highlights ‘’outstanding individuals who have been working on initiatives that are creating social value or are solving social issues.’’

Nomination Criteria

To determine a winner for each category, the English MBA alumni were evaluated in three distinct ways. First, judges evaluated the ‘’Extent, depth or quality of each candidate’s achievement.’’ The societal impact of each candidate’s achievement (not just financial success, but also how the candidates have devoted themselves to creating value for society) is then weighed by judges. Finally, the ‘’character, nature, and leadership quality’’ of each candidate is evaluated before determining a winner for each category.

English MBA Alumni Award Winners of 2023

Creation Category

Diego Viesca (Co-Founder of Skysense)

Diego Viesca, co-founder of Skysense, won the award in the “Creation” category thanks to his steadfast leadership of Skysense as well as his role in scaling the company. Through his achievements in the solar panel industry, Mr. Viesca also plays an influential role in promoting sustainable business practices,  most notably through the advancement of the renewable energy industry in Mexico.

During his acceptance speech, Mr. Viesca commented on the importance of taking risks for societal change. “The creation category signifies the power of innovation and the potential for transformative impact. It represents individuals who have dared to dream, taken risks, and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship, in the pursuit of creating value for society.’’

Addressing his fellow alumni, Mr. Viesca called for more collaboration between alumni in the years to come. “Together, we share a commitment to using our talents and innovations to build a brighter, more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable future,’’ he said. ‘’Let’s continue to push the borders of what is achievable, embrace the challenges that come our way, and create lasting value to society through our entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Social Category

Micheal McKay (Co-Founder of Beebee+Bongo, Country Director at 17 Triggers)

Micheal McKay, Co-Founder of Beebee+Bongo, won the award in the “Social” category for his significant contributions to the social business Beebee+Bongo, which ethically produces and distributes environmentally friendly toys while also providing economic opportunities for women in Cambodia. He has championed various Sustainable Development Goals throughout his career, including gender equality and decent work through his achievements.

During his acceptance speech, Mr. McKay commented on how the GLOBIS community helped him achieve his kokorozashi (or his life’s mission). “We’ve had so much support from this community and it made me realize we all have a part to play and I’m not the underground person making our toys, but through this network I’ve been able to achieve my kokorozashi, which is to help other people achieve theirs,’’ he said.

With his eyes towards the future, Mr. McKay wrapped his speech with a sense of humility. “I’m the visible part. I’m the tip of the iceberg under what is a lot of work. And I thought about that and [sic] that is what I’ve given: I’m visible. I’ve contributed by being visible and that’s been possible because of this community. This community has  helped me make our project visible.”