Toshimasa Mori

Toshimasa Mori

Marketing and Strategy
MBA, Harvard Business School


After graduating from Sophia University, Toshimasa Mori joined Japan Airlines (JAL), where he was involved in airport and aircraft cabin services and was then assigned to Hong Kong Airport. After spending a few years there, he became a negotiator for buying and selling aircraft and aircraft engines at the HDQ.

10 years later at Harvard Business School, Toshimasa majored in service management and studied under Prof. Heskett. He was also engaged in strategic consulting services for airlines in the EU and USA as well as Pentagon vendors. He conducted his consulting services under the concepts such as; "Why are a few service organizations better in and year out at what they do than their competitors? Outstanding service organizations are managed differently from their merely good competitors. Missions are stated differently. Managers act differently. Actions are based on totally different assumptions about the way success is achieved."

After returning to Japan, Toshimasa was involved in business planning and bilateral air talks and ran affiliate companies. Quitting JAL after 30 years of service, he became CEO of a large beauty parlor chain company. After preparing the company for an IPO, he left it to the business owner's family. He is currently serving for a General Incorporated Association as chief in command.

At GLOBIS, he teaches Service Management, Human Resource Management and Executive Management Programs.

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