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GLOBIS Rolls out COVID Vaccine

June 21st, 2021|Academic News
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First COVID Jab for the GLOBIS Family


Since 2020, GLOBIS has proactively collaborated with the Japanese government to offer a safe learning environment for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiatives included moving MBA classes online, holding hybrid events, and imposing strict transmission prevention methods on campus. In the spirit of “never stop learning,” GLOBIS has prioritized student safety in these trying times. Now, we are ecstatic to announce some good news!

On June 21st, 2021 GLOBIS started off the week by offering COVID vaccines at the GLOBIS University Annex in Tokyo. Registration opened on Thursday, June 17, for an inoculation period to span June 21 – July 3. The government allocated Moderna vaccines for 5,000 people (10,000 doses) to the GLOBIS family, this included GLOBIS staff, their families, students, and alumni.

The vaccines were administered by registered in-house physicians and nurses from both the GLOBIS Group and medical institutions that GLOBIS invested in. Those who received their first dose at GLOBIS are obliged to receive their second at the same location four-to-seven weeks later, as recommended by government and medical authorities.

Reservations have filled up fast and we’ve been delighted to see students and alumni drop by to get theirs.

Worried about the pain? Our Full-time student Daniel Canales Llera is here to assure you: “I just would say that is fast and it’s not that painful: people tend to exaggerate a lot. A good experience with relaxing music and excellent safety measures.”

A quick jab and you’re done! We hope this is another step to see the way out of the COVID-19 era soon.