Studying Online

Diverse and Interactive

GLOBIS online courses offer the same quality content and curriculum as on-campus courses. As part of our unique hybrid program, on-campus and online credits are fully compatible and award the same degree – a GLOBIS University MBA.

Classes are delivered live via Cisco WebEx technology with class discussion boards for deeper understanding between classes. Studying online, you’ll connect with likeminded business professionals around the world. Join GLOBIS online and begin building a worldwide business network.

Life as an Online Student

Studying online at GLOBIS University is nearly identical to studying on-campus, except instead of commuting to our campus in Tokyo, you’ll attend classes via our virtual campus.

Before Class

Review Real Business Cases

You’ll begin by logging into the GLOBIS Student Portal, your virtual home as a student. From the Student Portal, you’ll download course materials and begin studying for class.

Generally, classes require 5-8 hours of preparation, including submission of a short assignment to prepare for class discussion. Most courses also require submission of a more detailed report once per term to demonstrate understanding of core concepts.

During Class

Live Online Classes

Most courses consist of six, three-hour online classes held bi-weekly. 

After joining the class session, you’ll connect with a GLOBIS MBA lecturer and classmates from around the world for a live, interactive discussion. All GLOBIS courses are highly interactive and online is no exception – active participation is key.

After Class

Discussions Using Online Collaboration Tools

Continue the discussion after class with specialized class discussion boards. Post your thoughts and reflections and debate with other students. Lecturers are part of the discussion as well, offering their insights and feedback based on their own business experience.

Use social networking services to network with business professionals across the world, building your network on a global scale.

Features of Online Courses

Like GLOBIS on-campus classes, GLOBIS online classes are highly interactive. With small, live classes, you’ll interact with the lecturer and other students in ways that go beyond the in-person experience. To take advantage of all these features, you’ll need a computer with a headset and video camera. See the Requirements & Setup for full details.

Classes are delivered live via Cisco WebEx technology with class discussion boards for deeper understanding between classes. Studying online, you’ll connect with likeminded business professionals around the world. Join GLOBIS online and begin building a worldwide business network.

Real-time Discussions with Full Voice and Video

Debate, discuss, and convince just as you would in-person. Using high-definition audio and video, GLOBIS online courses connect you virtually no matter where you are in the world.


Interactive Voting

Do you invest now or wait and see? Make it yourself or buy competitors? Use voting features to express your opinion and see what the entire class thinks at a glance.


Online Groupwork

Teamwork is essential in the business world. As more companies go global, “virtual leadership,” leading online and remotely, is becoming more and more important. Use breakout sessions to collaborate with classmates and present your ideas to the rest of the class.

Collaborate and Debate on Virtual Whiteboards

Utilize virtual whiteboards to organize your thoughts, share your ideas, or debate with other students.



Have a follow-up question? Want to share a link to a relevant article? Or just want to share an immediate opinion? Chat keeps the class conversation going even when you’re not speaking out loud.


Requirements & Set-up for Online Courses

Click a subject heading for detailed information about that topic.

System Requirements

The GLOBIS Online MBA utilizes WebEx web conferencing technology to deliver classes live to your computer. In addition to a computer, you will need a webcam, headset, and broadband internet connection.

Computer requirements Windows: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 with at least 2 GB of RAM
Mac OS X: Intel processor with at least 512 MB of RAM
Webcam Many laptops come with a built-in webcam. External webcams can be purchased inexpensively and often include a built-in microphone.
Headset A headset or headphones and microphone are required for class participation. A USB headset offers the easiest way to communicate with your lecturer and classmates.


Setting Up WebEx

Before joining a class, install the WebEx software on your computer.

Begin by opening the GLOBIS Online MBA WebEx dashboard via the following link:
Click “Training Manager” from the left-hand menu to begin the setup process.
Before installing WebEx, make sure a rich media player, an application that delivers video and audio, is installed on your system. Click “verify rich media players.”
Only one media player is necessary for WebEx functionality. Click “Check Now” to verify that at least one of Flash Player, Windows Media Player, or Quicktime is installed. If no media player is available, follow the download link in the pop-up window to install it on your system.
After verifying rich media players, click “Set Up” to begin the WebEx installation process.
Installation of WebEx differs depending on your browser. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation for your platform.
Installation is complete! Click the “OK” button to return to the GLOBIS Online MBA WebEx dashboard. 

Testing Your WebEx Installation

After setting up WebEx, test your installation before joining a class or seminar.

Open the WebEx test meeting website via the following link:
Enter your name and e-mail address (these do not need to match your GLOBIS account) and click “Test a Meeting.”
WebEx will launch in a separate application window. Be patient as WebEx loads the meeting environment. This process could take several minutes depending on your computer.
After successfully logging into the test meeting, you’ll see a dialog box stating “The host has not yet joined the meeting.” At this point, WebEx is properly configured on your system! Click “OK” to continue.
Finally, select “File” from the top menu bar and click “Leave Meeting” to close the WebEx application. Confirm your selection by clicking “Leave Meeting” in the pop-up dialog box to complete the test.

Connecting to a Class

Before connecting to a class for the first time, complete the above setup and test procedures to certify WebEx is functioning properly on your system.

Open the URL provided in advance by GLOBIS staff to access the class login page. Enter your name, e-mail address, and the session password (provided together with the URL), and click “Join Now” to start the class.
After logging in, make sure you have selected the correct speaker and microphone – there may be multiple devices if you use an external headset. Click “Test” next to the speaker selection to test your speakers. Next, speak into your microphone and adjust your volume until the green bar moves into the “Good” range. After confirming your selection, click “OK” to continue to the class.
The panel on the right-hand side of the WebEx interface is your toolkit for interacting with your lecturer and classmates. Lecturers and staff members are listed under “Panelist” while fellow classmates are listed under the “Attendee” heading.

Important functions are highlighted below:

① Start and stop transmitting video, mute and unmute microphone

② Raise your hand, or signal a checkmark or x mark

③ Use the chat box to converse with class participants