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As the initial deadline has passed, please contact us at as soon as possible if you wish to apply for the January term.
January 2018 Term Pre-MBA Application Period: Wednesday, October 17 - Friday, December 22

Pre-MBA Application Guide

Application Requirements:
  1. A bachelor's degree or a certificate of equivalent value
  2. One year of full-time work experience
  3. English proficiency (candidates who fulfill either of the following criteria are considered eligible)
    • Native English speaker
    • English exam score: TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS*
      *Please send us your most recent English test score should you possess one.
      Depending on your score and essay, we may conduct an English interview.
      We will conduct an English interview if you do not possess an English test score.
  4. Essay: “Why do you wish to apply to the MBA (or the Pre-MBA) at GLOBIS University?” (written in English, at least 200 words *)
    * You will be asked to resubmit your essay if it is less than 200 words. Please check the total word count before submission.


Pre-MBA Program Rules and Regulations

Enrollment Duration: One year
*Pre-MBA student status will be extended until entrance if a student applies and is admitted to the MBA Program.
Maximum Credits:
  • Students who are admitted in the January, April, and July 2016 terms: 15 credits
  • Students admitted from the October 2016 term onward: 12 credits
    *Students who are registered for the Japanese Pre-MBA (tankasei) besides the Pre-MBA can take up to 12 credits. *Students who entered before the 2014 October term can still earn up to 15 credits.
Maximum Credits Transferable to the MBA: Same credit limits as above. Maximum validity of five years.
*Credits earned within five years from the date of admission can be transferred.
*Students admitted to the MBA Program in Japanese can transfer a maximum of 12 credits from the Pre-MBA Program.
Visas: Student Visas are not offered for the Pre-MBA Program.


  • Pre-MBA students may take courses offered by the Japanese MBA Program (Tankasei).
    *Additional specified documents will be required.
  • Pre-MBA students are required to undergo a different screening process when applying to the MBA program.
  • Student IDs or commuter passes will not be issued to Pre-MBA students.
  • Courses can not be paid for by using GLOBIS points earned at GLOBIS Management School.