Alexander Cashen

  • New Zealand
Program year:
  • 2022
  • Japan
  • Software Engineer, Rakuten Group
What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I started pursuing my MBA with GLOBIS because I kept running into situations that I lacked the skillset to solve, especially in marketing. I wanted to grow.

I looked to my role models, spoke to my colleagues, and concluded that doing an MBA would be the best solution to both address my skill gaps and develop myself further.

The main reason I chose GLOBIS was its flexibility. Being able to study part-time has been great. I first tried some Pre-MBA courses and fell in love with the class style and atmosphere. I also learned more about kokorozashi (personal mission) and was challenged to really think about my goals and dreams.”

What does a typical week as an MBA student look like?

“A “typical” week depends on how many courses you take in a term. I’ve found that it’s around four hours of work per week for every course you take.

Generally, I try to keep a balance between weeknight and weekend classes. A typical week for me involves spending two nights a week and either Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening doing coursework or attending classes. That means I still have at least three free evenings a week to spend with my family or catch up on work or hobbies.

There are plenty of social events around the classes, too. Typically after class, you’ll go for lunch or dinner if you’re attending on campus. After online classes, you’ll stay and have a chat for 30 minutes.

Classes run once every two weeks, so we also try to arrange study sessions during the off-weeks. That can be really handy if you’re struggling.”

What’s the hybrid style of learning like?

“I really like the flexibility of being able to take classes online or on campus. In late 2022, after the borders opened, I was finally able to return to New Zealand to see my family. As GLOBIS classes run once every two weeks, I only missed one in-person class, and I could take online classes while back home. This has also been very handy when traveling for work.

I really like the on-campus classes and being able to meet everyone in person. However, the online classes give you a lot of flexibility. If you’re often working late or traveling, online classes are great.”

How have you applied your MBA to your work?

“Many of the courses at GLOBIS have been very practical. Some classes, such as Innovation through Virtual Teams, are very relevant in the current age and are immediately applicable. Other classes help you with personal development and improving your leadership.

GLOBIS has changed how I view business. It’s really allowing me to understand what strategy means and the “why” behind decisions. “