Huong Ngo

  • Vietnam
Program year:
  • 2023
  • Japan
  • Student
What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

“Throughout my 10 years of studying and working in Medical Science, I never stopped thinking about pursuing an MBA. It’s always always been a part of my dream and my plans for self-development.”

What does a typical week as an MBA Student look like?

“I usually have one or two weekdays off along with the weekend. But as a Full-time MBA student, I also try to devote my time as much as possible to studying during this one-year program. Each course is thoroughly designed around case studies, preparation assignments, and reviews, all of which occupy a significant amount of my week. Besides general course work, there are multiple insightful seminars, workshops, and career events like G1 Global to attend on campus or around Tokyo to help grow my network. When I get the chance, I hang out with classmates, go sightseeing around the city, and enjoy good food, too.”

Since starting your MBA program, have you seen any changes in how you think and act?

“I see my critical thinking skills have been notably sharpened after just three months of the program. As a person growing into a middle-management position, I had a quite limited understanding of what it means to be a leader and how I can better contribute to an organization. The Full-time MBA program at GLOBIS University encourages me to think critically and creatively but from the more holistic perspective of top management.”

Which are your favorite courses so far?

“Honestly, every course I’ve taken so far has been well-arranged, relevant, and complementary of each other so far. I fell deeply in love with strategy, finance, and accounting courses. For me, they are the core of business operations, and they’re applicable to lots of different situations.”