Piyadatorn Phaptib

  • Thailand
Program year:
  • 2023
  • Japan
  • Student
What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

I chose to apply to GLOBIS due to the university’s unique strength in business. The case-study-based teaching methods really appeal to me. The lecturers are experienced professionals who offer practical advice for my day-to-day work.

On top of that, the curriculum is taught in English, which is the de facto language for many major businesses around the world. I was able to interact with the students and faculty in English while studying and also had an opportunity to use Japanese in my daily life outside of school.

What do you like the most about studying at GLOBIS?

What I find most appealing about studying at GLOBIS is how they approach teaching. The curriculum focuses on real-life case studies, and the lectures have real-world business experience. Each case I’ve worked on has been incredibly practical, helping me understand various perspectives and enhancing my analytical and management skills.

I also really appreciate the diversity of the student body. In my cohort, we had students from over 17 different countries, providing me with the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultures and gain new insights.

The courses at GLOBIS involve a lot of group discussions, which really helped to highlight the value of everyone’s diverse professional backgrounds. I’ve learned a ton during class discussions. Engaging with fellow students has given me new ideas and knowledge, boosting my confidence to express opinions in class.

Which are your favorite courses so far?

My favorite class is Business Presentation because it’s super practical. Since presentations are often an unavoidable part of life, it’s important to have the necessary skills to do them well. Through the course, I’ve learned how to create effective presentations, and I’ve improved my public speaking skills and body language.

I also benefited from practicing by presenting in front of the class. This has significantly improved my presentation skills, especially with the feedback I received from my classmates. Additionally, listening to many presentations from others in the class has been really helpful. It allows me to observe and learn various techniques and presentation styles from my classmates.