Yanuar Kurniawan

  • Indonesia
Program year:
  • 2015
  • Japan
  • Senior Vice President, Organization and Talent Development, Lazada
What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I wanted to gain practical business knowledge from professionals who are experts in their field and expand my network with people from around the world.

The Full-time MBA’s strength as a one-year program taught by business professionals was very appealing. The English MBA program also attracts students from many countries and regions, which allowed me to expand my international network. I found GLOBIS’s focus on finding your kokorozashi to be unique, as well.”

What were your favorite memories as a student?

“Through the program, I made new friends from around the world. As students, we traveled together on our off days. Now, even after graduation, we are still connected and visit each other for weddings and other occasions!

I also participated in the global leadership training programs hosted by GLOBIS’s corporate training department. We were invited to enhance employee communication and cross-cultural skills in a global context by sharing our perspectives as non-Japanese MBA students. That was another great experience.

Through GLOBIS, I secured an internship at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, where I later landed a full-time job and began to build my career in Japan.”

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

“GLOBIS helped me find my kokorozashi, which became my north star whenever I needed to make decisions about my career. And of course, I gained experience working in Japan, which helped set the foundation for my career after the MBA program.

I attribute many of my post-graduation opportunities to GLOBIS. After joining Mitsubishi Fuso as an intern, I became a full-time employee in 2016. I then received the offer to return to Indonesia in 2018 as a senior consultant with Korn Ferry, a prominent US-based management consulting firm. Since then, I’ve been promoted within the company and later got an offer from Lazada Indonesia, where I’m now the senior vice president of Organization and Talent Development.”

What is your advice for potential applicants considering an MBA?

“Most importantly, I think it is essential to have clarity on what you expect to gain. That will maximize your experience in the MBA program. Speak to alumni to gain perspective through their experience.

It is also important to conduct thorough research to understand the program as a whole, including the curriculum, faculty, and career center. If you are still in doubt, try some Pre-MBA courses to get a taste of the experience.”