Yoshitaka Muroi

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2019
  • Japan
  • Sales and Business development, Ultimatrust

What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

“The primary reason I pursued an MBA was the need for business skills to work in a global environment after moving to a new company.

My professional career started as an embedded software engineer. I was involved in a domestic company’s product planning and business development. I thought I had fostered business skills through my work, but after accepting a position at a new company, I realized I lacked basic financial skills and the strategy-building skills.”

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“One reason for choosing GLOBIS among other MBAs was that I could effectively apply what we learned in class to my everyday work. I preferred practical discussion-based classrooms like those offered at GLOBIS.

Before class, we read cases, thought about the prompts, and prepared solutions. We then discussed them in the classroom.

The GLOBIS case studies often place you in the position of CEO, CFO, or entrepreneur. They were an interesting and effective approach to acquiring basic business skills. By experiencing many iterations of a problem, I could imagine how people in different positions or levels would think and act.”

What were your favorite memories as a student?

My favorite memories are of communicating beyond the classroom with classmates and faculty. For example, we had post-class nomikai (drinks) or study sessions to discuss business ideas, which sometimes lasted until midnight. Studying and classes were of course a highlight, but expanding my network and making friends was also a valuable experience!

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

“During my MBA, I was promoted to a management position within my global company. After graduating from GLOBIS, I accepted a position at an early-stage startup, which was the most significant change in my career so far.

My business background is in engineering. However, through my experience at GLOBIS, I gained more confidence and became more proactive in taking on new challenges beyond my field.

I currently work in sales and business development at Ultimatrust, a company that develops and offers AI analysis systems, clouds, and integration systems for various industries. Working for an early-stage startup requires a wide range of business knowledge and experience. We need to quickly catch up to industry trends and establish hypotheses to make proposals. In the meantime, we have to specify how to approach and develop products with minimum effort. Additionally, we must consider a good balance of business strategy and finances. What I learned from GLOBIS’s Strategy, Venture Business Planning, and Venture Capital and Finance courses really helped me with creating proposals for clients.”

What is your advice for potential applicants considering an MBA?

“Usually, we think before we act. But in this case, I suggest you act first. If an idea sticks in your mind, that means your heart is leading you to it. If you are interested in change or want to try something new, GLOBIS is the place. You will be surrounded by friends who will change you for the better.

Before applying to GLOBIS, I had many concerns about time management, financials, and even my English skills. After stepping into the MBA program, I realized that the first step forward is the most important one of all.”