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How can GLOBIS partner with your organization?

The Corporate Mentorship Program (CMP) was launched in 2012 to develop global leaders in collaboration with GLOBIS Corporate Mentors.

Today, GLOBIS has over 110 Corporate Mentors (including Japanese, foreign-affiliated, and venture companies) working in partnership with GLOBIS University. GLOBIS helps Corporate Mentors to deliver courses, seminars, and on-site visits—as well as connecting MBA talent with internships and job placements.

Expand into Japan and Asia with help from globally-minded business professionals who are trained in the GLOBIS way. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the future leaders who will create and innovate societies.

Akihiro Kohiyama, Manager of Career Office 

 Five ways to collaborate with GLOBIS

1. Internships

Requirement:  Project basis; Paid; June–August each year

Application schedule/process:

August–October:  Announce offer

November:  Information session

December–February:  Interview and internship offer

March–April:  Agree to contract etc.

2. Full-time job offer

 Requirement:  MBA skill-leveraged positions

Application schedule/process:  All year round

3. Part-time job offer

 Requirement:  At least JPY 1000/h

Application schedule/process:  October–May each year

4. CMP (Corporate Mentorship Partners) courses/Research projects

Requirement: Offer professional expertise on management issues in MBA classes

Application schedule/process:

July–September: Assemble participating companies

September–October: Finalize content

November: Notify students

April–June: Instruct classes

5. Professional Seminar Speakers

Requirement: Expected speakers to be CEO or executive-level, with hands-on managerial experience.

Application schedule/process: Three months (or more) prior to the seminar date

Download our CMP (Corporate Mentorship Partners) list:

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