Masayuki Ikegami

Masayuki Ikegami

Bachelor of Engineering, Keio University, Japan


Mr. Ikegami started his career as a consultant at A.T. Kearney where he was engaged in a variety of consulting projects including business portfolio management for a global CPG firm and a national energy company, mid-term strategy development for a media company, and business turnaround for a real estate developer.

After nearly 5 years of consulting experience, Mr. Ikegami took part in launching Everystar Co., Ltd., DeNA and NTT Docomo joint venture, and as the CEO led the company to make approximately  20 mil. USD in annual sales.

In March of 2015, he launched his own company SAKURAS Co., Ltd., where based on his 10 years of experience in both the Japanese entertainment and technology industries, he provides professional consulting services in digital transformation to the entertainment industry. He published “Kaisha wo yamete nenshu ga agaruhito sagaruhito” (Will your salary increase or decrease if you change your job?) through Shogakukan in 2016.

Faculty Message:

The digital disruption is now affecting all industries, so that traditional enterprises now have to deal with digital transformation and change their business models or entire value chain.
The story is not just about the rise and  prosperity of companies like GAFAN or BATH, but also the total change of an environment, that is, the changes in corporate strategy and management principles.
Meanwhile, the development of various technologies has always been about empowering the individual - and that anyone of us can now start our own business. Whether you choose to start your own business or work at a large enterprise, a sense of entrepreneurship is required for all of us to leverage our capabilities by using the latest technology with a fully updated mind. Join us to learn the latest  strategy and management principles since the GLOBIS curriculum offers both the latest and authentic insights at the industrial forefront.
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