Satoshi Hirose

Satoshi Hirose

Management Philosophy
Accounting and Finance
MBA and MSIA, Carnegie Mellon University
BA in Economics, Keio University


Mr. Hirose Satoshi is a professor and secretary general at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. He teaches Finance, Financial Reorganization, Global Strategy, Leadership, and Management Philosophy for both the Japanese and English MBA programs.
Before joining GLOBIS, Mr. Hirose turned around and launched a new business as SVP/Co-COO of BELLSYSTEM24, the largest CRM company in Japan, after it was acquired by Bain Capital.
Mr. Hirose started his career as a derivatives trader and corporate risk manager. He then joined A.T. Kearney as a management consultant specializing in corporate strategy development/implementation, corporate transformation, merger and acquisition arrangements and post-merger integration, for various companies in Japan and Asia. 
Later, he took the role of corporate executive officer, VP in charge of operations and technology, chief of staffs, and project management officer at AIG/AIU. There, Mr. Hirose led several corporate transition programs including a turnaround after the financial crisis in 2008.


Mr. Hirose has abundant experience regarding strategic management decisions and regularly contributes to various business magazines. He was appointed co-author and translator of the book "Credit Risk Management" (Sigma Base Capital).

Faculty Message:

"Sound management would create competitive organization, while loose management would guide company to difficulties in long-run, and make stakeholders, including employees and their families, facing unexpected tough environment. Finance is an excellent tool to examine current situation with fact and logic, and also to evaluate impact and feasibility of strategic options.

Everybody need NOT to become financial specialist, at all. However understanding how to use finance would be indispensible to become good management officer.

My class is designed to create good management officer, instead of financial specialist."