Do you want an MBA, or do you want to make an impact?

An MBA on its own means very little. The GLOBIS MBA is not just a degree, but a holistic, transformative experience.

We help you define what you want to contribute to society, equip you with the knowledge and courage to make tough, impactful decisions, and support you with an extensive business ecosystem.

Initiating change is not easy, but achieving it can define your life and career. Now is the time to take a bold step forward.

Join one of our interactive MBA events and explore the GLOBIS experience!

  • Eunmi Kim

    “The best part of the GLOBIS experience was the practical learning in each class from well-experienced lecturers and classmates from many different industries. Supporting each other under the enthusiastic atmosphere of GLOBIS helped me enjoy life as an MBA student.”

  • Norio Tashiro

    “GLOBIS is not only a graduate school but, as the faculty like to say, it is also a risk-free environment. It is a place where you are free to experiment, ask questions, and test various strategies or concepts. In the best way, you are free, even encouraged, to fail and make mistakes.”

  • Abarca Jose

    “The best aspect of GLOBIS is the people. The leaders with their great vision for our education, the lecturers who guide us through our MBA journey, the students who are always friendly and ready to meet up for study groups, and the GLOBIS staffs who make everything run behind the scenes.”

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The GLOBIS Difference


Our curriculum is centered around the Japanese concept of kokorozashi, or life purpose. Courses, reflection sessions and extracurricular activities allow you to explore your life story. Through this process, you will reconnect with yourself, and recognize how you can use your strengths and passions to make a meaningful impact in society.


There are no one-way lectures at GLOBIS ‒ everyone participates in active discussions on our case studies, making tough decisions in the shoes of CEOs and managers. In each class, you will learn to take in both the micro and macro-perspectives to communicate and lead effectively.


Our TechnovateTM courses, covering fundamental knowledge on emerging technologies, and ways to use them to innovate businesses, challenge you to imagine beyond traditional solutions to impact organizations and societies for the better.


Born as a start-up, an entrepreneurial spirit is in the GLOBIS DNA. Through our venture-focused courses, led by faculty who are entrepreneurs or venture capitalists themselves, we equip you with the right mindset and practical insights to start your own business with confidence.

Overview of GLOBIS MBA Programs

Choose the MBA format that most suits your schedule and go through a transformational journey.

Part-time and Online MBA Full-time MBA
Intake October September
Duration 2 Years 1 Year
Classes held on Weeknights and weekends Weekdays
Where Tokyo and online Tokyo
Tuition 2,998,000 JPY 3,845,000 JPY