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Congratulations to the GLOBIS Full-time MBA Graduates!

August 24th, 2021|Academic News
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Despite a year filled with turmoil and the unknown, 17 students from 8 different countries took the plunge and joined our GLOBIS Full-time MBA program. An intense year followed, with classes bouncing between on-campus and online format, depending on the COVID situation. Dreams were pursued, memories were made, and a year flew by. We couldn’t be prouder as our students went on stage to receive their diplomas, shared their kokorozashi, and transitioned to graduates.

GLOBIS University President and Founder Yoshito Hori reminded us, “There is no right answer to your kokorozashi. You may never know which mission is right for you until the end. However, the most important thing of all is to keep pursuing your personal mission.”

The 2020 cohort did just this! Izumi Monica Gutierrez Kumazawa, a graduate from Mexico, summed it up when she said: “In the midst of the crisis, we looked for our own future, we did not allow anything or anyone to decide for us. We were brave enough to seize the opportunity.”

Further details of the graduation can be found on the official GLOBIS press release here.

As a picture says more than words, let our new graduate Micho Oquindo Santillan, from the Philippines, sum it up in three words.