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2020 G-CHALLENGE First Full-time MBA Finalists

February 25th, 2021|Community Stories
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Full-time G-CHALLENGE Finalist Team Travapp

The 2020 GLOBIS Venture Challenge, also known as G-CHALLENGE, was held online. 8 teams presented their ventures to an audience and judges made up of the GLOBIS family. The preparation was tough, but the finalists were fantastic! Each group passed through a careful screening process and they were the last 8 standing to compete for the ultimate prize. For the first time in GLOBIS history, a venture founded by our Full-time Students made it all the way to the final.

Mohit Kumbhojkar, Vineet Kumbhojkar, and Shubhang Kulkarni joined all the way from India, presenting their venture Travapp. The venture aims to pair tourists with reliable chauffeurs.

Mohit Kumbhojkar took the time to share the experience of taking part in the GLOBIS Venture Challenge as well as the learning points.

Q&A with Finalist Mohit Kumbhojkar, CEO and Co-founder of Travapp
  1. What brought about the idea for TravApp?
    “The simple and important need of a cab service focused on safety and comfort in outstation travel in India. The presence of none led to the inception of Travapp.”
  2. How or did taking your MBA at GLOBIS / in Japan contribute to this idea?
    “The program certainly contributed to the idea in terms of strengthening the idea as I could realize it’s important even more after being able to think about missing gaps in the market. But more than that, the program contributed to giving me the necessary confidence to execute my plan.”
  3. How did you hear about the G-CHALLENGE and what made you decide to enter?
    “Although I first heard about the G-CHALLENGE through the students and alumni section, Reiji Yamanaka-san, who was also my sensei, encouraged me to apply.”
  4. How was the overall experience?
    “It was great. The questions raised by the judges were really important to be addressed and also gave some additional insights.”
  5. What was the preparation period like and what would you recommend to anyone considering joining the G-CHALLENGE next year?
    “The preparation period was sufficient enough and the mentoring session did help a lot. One frank advice would be to consider a natural disadvantage if your startup is not based in Japan. Being elsewhere it could get difficult to understand the local conditions or differences against how easily a Japan-based startup could be understood by people in Japan.”
  6. What are your takeaways from competing in the G-CHALLENGE?
    “The main takeaway is it is a good way to prepare yourself for subsequent VC rounds.
  7. What are your plans moving forward?
    “I have just one. Focus on the customers and their needs and surpass their expectations with our service. This always was the plan and will remain the same!”