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China Europe International Business School Visits the GLOBIS Tokyo Campus

July 3rd, 2023|Community News
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GLOBIS Welcomes China Europe International Business School Students

GLOBIS University, in collaboration with its partner China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in China, recently wrapped up the “CEIBS Visit Program” with 40 students from CEIBS who came to GLOBIS University from June 19th-23rd for their Japan Module.


Highlights of the Program

This was the first oversea module since the start of COVID with our partner and students were able to learn about Japanese Business, Culture, Innovation, and Sustainability. Highlights included:

  • Students enjoyed the interactive lectures by GLOBIS faculties and guest speakers, company visits, and cultural visits around Tokyo
  • GLOBIS Dean Satoshi Hirose conducted a Dean’s session during the program and talked about his guiding principles
  • A networking dinner between CEIBS and GLOBIS students to build and nurture networking relationships

Program Schedule

The “CEIBS Visit Program” was structured as follows:

Day 1

Workshop/Lectures and Company Visit and Networking Dinner

  • Workshop: “Introduction to Japan” by Mr. Ryuji Kojima
  • Lecture: “Innovation and AI in Japan” by David Malkin
  • Group visit and lecture at Ricoh 3L with GLOBIS faculty Darren Menabney and Jun Inada, head of brand Strategy at Ricoh
  • Networking dinner with CEIBS and GLOBIS students
Day 2

Dean’s Session, Lecturer and Company Visit

  • Dean’s session with Dean of the GLOBIS English MBA, Satoshi Hirose
  • Lecture: “Modern Culture” by using the case study of Miku Hatsune with Masayuki Ikegami
  • Company visit to Polygon Pictures
  • Free time to explore Tokyo
Day 3

Lectures and Cultural Visit

  • Lecture: “Japanese Management” by GLOBIS lecturer Jake Pratley
  • Cultural visit to Meiji Shrine
  • Free time to explore Tokyo
Day 4

Field and Company Visit

  • Field visit to Ishizaka Sangyo with lunch
  • A company visit to Kohno Guitar Manufacturing where students not only toured the factory but also had the chance to play a handmade guitar made by the Khono guitar factory itself
Day 5

Field and Company Visit

  • Lecturer “Social Innovation after the Great East Japan Earthquake” with GLOBIS faculty Suzuka Koboyakawa and Carlos Melen, founder of Good Coffee Farms
  • Polaris company visit with CEO Tsuyoshi Mori
  • Event reflection and farewell with Prof. Lingling from CEIBS, leading faculty for this module

Final Thoughts

Overall, the “CEIBS Visit Program” was a success and laid the foundation for a stronger GLOBIS network. GLOBIS students and alumni are looking forward to visiting CEIBS in Shanghai next May!