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October 15th, 2021|School Announcements
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On April 1, 2021, GLOBIS Corporation established its first location in the USA with GLOBIS USA Inc., based in San Francisco, California. This is an important step toward bringing the expertise of Japan’s No. 1 MBA to the global stage. Future business leaders will need diverse, expert knowledge to harness the power of technology and innovate in a new era of globalization–the era of Technovate.

GLOBIS USA will first serve as a hub for corporate training programs and the GLOBIS Unlimited online learning platform. Over time, we plan to offer Pre-MBA courses both online and in person.

Serving as president of GLOBIS USA will be Tomoya Nakamura, former dean of GLOBIS University in Japan. The Board of Directors will include GLOBIS Corporation Managing Director Tomoko Kimijima and GLOBIS Digital Platform Director Alex Scharf.

Please read the full press release here.

See the GLOBIS USA official website here.