2021 Full-time Students Enjoy our Annual President’s Session

On January 28th, the 2021 Full-time MBA had the opportunity to hear from GLOBIS founder and President Yoshito Hori. At the end of the interactive session, the students were able to ask questions. While many topics were discussed, one of our favorite quotes from Hori-san had to do with Kokorozashi (personal mission). As he put it: "If your Kokorozashi has a strong resonance with others, people with gather to help achieve those goals in society. In this way, Kokorozashi is eternal, and can outlive even the person who initiated it."

Every year the President's session is a great opportunity to interact with President Hori, to learn from his personal mission, experience, priorities, and principles. This session encourages students to start thinking about how they can utilize the remaining time of their MBA studies in order to achieve their own Kokorozashi.

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