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Hear How our Students Help Grow our Community

March 8th, 2021|Community Stories
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Great People Know Great People

At GLOBIS MBA we love our community. The GLOBIS family is amazing at pulling in newcomers as well as those who have been around for years and connecting. As we believe that great people know great people, we are always excited when our very own community introduces new candidates to us.

Did you know that as an alumnus or current student you can do the same and introduce a friend and help grow the GLOBIS Community? Jamaica Bagay from our 2017 Full-time MBA batch did just by introducing John Ysmael Perez to our 2020 MBA program. Read about their experiences below.


Jamaica's Journey

  1. Why did you decide to do an MBA?
    “At the time before doing my MBA, I had technical skills and some soft skills, but I wanted to be a manager. I realized that a manager shouldn’t only bring a team to the future and deliver successful projects but should also bring profit to a company. The ultimate goal in business is to win, but felt I was dragging my team behind and needed to level up.”
  2. Why GLOBIS? “I knew Japan and I was comfortable there. The program itself was in English and only 1-year and the education system was well-designed. When investing in something you should always be looking at the ROI, not just for money but also time.”
  3. What do you think makes GLOBIS unique?“It’s not just a school. There’s heart. There’s care. Care for the students. Initially, I just wanted an MBA, but Kokorozashi (personal mission) turned out to be the biggest advantage of GLOBIS. Students need to know their purpose. If you are serious about your personal mission, you will be guided. Knowing your Kokorozashi is HUGE.”
  4. What did you enjoy the most during your time at GLOBIS?“The community. My friends – I had a great time with GLOBIS, why? Because of my classmates. We learned by observing each other, being together, experiencing life and case studies together. Of course, no one is perfect. There were be misunderstandings along the way, but healthy debates help you develop your reasoning. No matter the cohort, whoever you meet, the treatment is the same. The culture is the same across all classes…the GLOBIS culture.”
  5. What made you recommend GLOBIS to your network?“I didn’t ‘recommend’ GLOBIS because that would be biased. I simply shared my experience. This is what I experienced, this is what they offer. I removed the bias so it would be fair for him/her to decide, just like I learned at GLOBIS.”
  6. What was the process like?“It wasn’t a one-time talk, it was a process. It was 5 to 6 hours to explain.”
  7. Why do you think they chose GLOBIS?“When someone has studied at GLOBIS you can immediately recognize them. It’s very unique. A GLOBIS graduate is different – they’re confident, they deliver. I actually didn’t approach those I recommended, they approached me because of the aura. That in itself started the journey.”
  8. What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing an MBA, especially in light of COVID-19?“What we have during COVID is time. Everything goes back to 0. Post-COVID, everyone will start to push again. We have time now during the pandemic, money is something we always have a solution for, you can make more…but with time, once it’s gone that’s it. This is the best time to study. This is the best time to build yourself because you are preparing for the next phase, post-COVID, the time everyone will be investing. “
John's Journey

  1. Why did you decide to do an MBA?
    “Initially, I just want to improve my communication skills and to challenge myself to accomplish something. Since studying, my goals have become higher. GLOBIS is really helping to improve capabilities while doing work.”
  2. Why GLOBIS?“I could easily ask Jamaica about GLOBIS details. We worked together and through conversation, I learned about GLOBIS. At that point, a big part that got me interested was that the faculty are industry experts.”
  3. Where did you first hear about GLOBIS?“I first heard about GLOBIS from Jamaica through a casual chat.”
  4. Did your conversation with Jamaica contribute to your decision? What would you say were the main points that helped you to make your decision?“The conversation with Jamaica contributed somewhat, but the main reasons were that I was struggling at work. I felt lost because despite the best efforts I was giving to my job I still couldn’t deliver properly. Additionally, I wanted to gain the necessary knowledge for my own business.”
  5. Is there anything that you think makes GLOBIS unique?“Not only do the faculty consist of industry professionals and teachers, but the flexibility was another draw. Being able to choose my schedule and the format of online or on campus, as well as being able to extend my 2 years to 5 years or study, all were a bonus.”
  6. What do you enjoy the most during your time at GLOBIS?“I like the group works and all the challenges that make me a responsible person. Another is air nomikai. This is a casual zoom call with classmates where we all bring our drinks and hangout. They are not only fun, but they also are helping me improve my communication skills both professionally and socially. “
  7. Would you recommend GLOBIS to your network?“Yes. GLOBIS helped me realize how many weaknesses I need to overcome, weaknesses I was not aware of before on which I can now improve.”
  8. What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing an MBA, especially in light of COVID-19?“Define why you want to do an MBA first. Once you have your reason, attend a trial class to see if an MBA is for you.”