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What’s Your Kokorozashi?

February 5th, 2021|Community Stories
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GLOBIS Students Share Kokorozashi

Finding or continuing to develop one’s Kokorozashi (personal mission) is part of the GLOBIS journey. This is a journey of self-discovery and change for many. To those of our students who have begun this path, we asked them the question: “What is your Kokorozashi?”

Kana Yamasaki

Nationality: Japanese
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: “To support people hard of hearing, to live the life they want through cochlear implants and enhancements of Auditory verbal Therapy in Japan. This is important to me as I think auditory rehab is so behind in Japan and in many places where there are Japanese hard-of-hearing people, they are not getting the same benefits compared to other developed countries. It’s challenging because of laws, restrictions, and language barriers.”

Mitsunori Kishimoto

Nationality: Japanese
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: “Nowadays many people are following the big digital trend. This trend affects fashion, too. For example, so many people wear Apple Watches, but how do they differentiate from others? I’d like to offer a forgotten precious culture to the world. Classic style and sustainability can coexist. I’m planning to start a dress shoe company which offers classic culture.”

Joshua Archer

Nationality: American
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: “My greatest passion is learning languages. I run a weekly language exchange to increase my exposure to the Japanese language with others who are also trying to improve their language skills. I want to become an interpreter someday. So I’m trying to apply for a visa to live in Japan. Wish me luck!”

Prem Keswani

Nationality: Indian
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: When it comes to his kokorozashi, Prem has it down simple and straight. His Personal Mission is to “Contribute towards Human Health”. This has always been something needed, but with a world pandemic, we see it even more. Good luck Prem!

Myra Almilla

Nationality: Filipino
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: “My dream is to become a Life Coach and I hope to inspire others and help them live a life that is well-lived. I believe that everyone was called to a life that is full of significance and purpose and I am determined to help you in order to achieve that! My MBA at Globis has inspired me to take action over my dreams and build confidence that I can do something to innovate and contribute some positive transformation to society.”

Tomohiko Choraku

Nationality: Japanese
Residing in: Japan
Kokorozashi: “In order to enjoy a 100-year life, I would like to start my own business in my 50s while working for a company. To pursue this opportunity, my Kokorozashi is to share happiness with people.”

Micheal McKay

Nationality: Canadian
Residing in: Cambodia
Kokorozashi: “My passion is to help people reach their potential, in life and in business. Many people struggle to see the forest for the trees, but I can help them see the big picture, build strategies, and help them execute on a vision that otherwise seems impossible”