Two new Technovate courses added to our MBA curriculum!

From April 2018, GLOBIS University will offer two new Technovate (Technology + Innovate) courses: Emotion-driven Innovation, and Moonshot Transformation. These supplement the current lineup of GLOBIS Technovate courses, which are designed to equip our students with the skills to overcome the increasing number of digital challenges faced by today’s business leaders.

We are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of the modern business world, offering Technovate courses including Data-driven Marketing, Leading Big Data Strategy, and Industry 4.0. We also continue to partner with speakers from the biggest names in innovative technology. Representatives from SAP, IBM, Google, and more continue to share their insights and industry-leading practices in our Technovate courses.

Learn more about the new courses:

Emotion-driven Innovation – Students will learn to assess and develop traits that foster innovation. They will gain the tools to pinpoint their professional emotional intelligence levels and expand them.

Moonshot Transformation –  Students will learn the mindset leadership, organization, tools, technologies, and strategies required to achieve these game-changing transformations that keep today’s leading companies at the top.

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