The GLOBIS MBA is a global classroom for a new kind of business leader. Learn the latest cutting-edge business knowledge, gain a lifelong support network, and empower yourself to create your own career in line with your Kokorozashi.

Rod Enriquez
The Philippines
A GLOBIS education is a "disruptor." It will shake you out of your comfort zone and push you to explore the limits of what you can do. It will challenge you to contribute to society. If you allow it, it can change your life and that of the people around you.
Yushi Tsurumi
Engineering, Consulting, Government
The learning is practical, as class discussions are highly active and focused on real business cases. We can also learn a lot from our classmates as they are diverse in nationality, experience, expertise and industry.
Yu-Tien Tseng
Automobile Manufacturing, Product Planning, HR
Studying both online and on-campus allows me to do the MBA while taking care of my baby. The virtual classes are so amazing. I thought online would limit communications but, in fact, it makes our communications more complex, transparent, and fun!
Jesús Rodriguez
Entrepreneur, Film
I entered the GLOBIS MBA focused on the idea of starting my own business. It motivated me to study all the valuable tools that the MBA has to offer so that I could build a company that would really stand out from the rest. It took me the entire two years of the program to finally create a viable business project that I really believed in. Now I’m running my own company and facing new challenges every day.
Over 50 nationalities

Over 50 nationalities

Develop a global perspective through interactive discussions with classmates from around the world
Total flexibility

Total flexibility

Gain a top-class MBA at your own pace. Study part-time while working with seamless flexibility across online and on-campus classes, or immerse yourself in a full-time study experience.
Technovate curriculum

Technovate curriculum

Keep up with changing trends in business with courses on the latest key topics