Missael Lopez

Missael Lopez

Home country:
Industry Background:
Video Games, Start-ups, Marketing

What is your professional background?

I have been working in marketing for the past ten years. First for video games, and recently as a marketing growth consultant. My newest, biggest client is a start-up that developed a fitness and health app, where I currently lead their worldwide new user acquisition activities. Their offices are located in Munich, my current home.

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the GLOBIS MBA?

My interest was born out of the desire to start my own business. I have always developed ideas that I would like to bring forward, and I understood the need for me to acquire the tools that an MBA offers. My search criteria included an education that would offer a distance learning modality, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation classes.

What has your schedule been like as an Online student? Do you combine work with study?

I am not going to lie: it has been a challenging and tight schedule. The classes are demanding and they require active participation not only during class, but also in groups and discussion forums.  However, the rewards of the hard work are worth the sacrifice. The input I have been receiving and all the combined knowledge has had a very positive impact on me.

Since starting your MBA program, have you had an opportunity to apply what you learned at work?

Absolutely. I have been taking a couple of leadership classes, as well as “Critical Thinking,” and I can say my performance at work has clearly improved. My thinking and approach to organizational and leadership topics has gained much more credibility. This has had an impact on my team, and its members have shown a great deal of growth.

How do you network? Are there any opportunities to visit Japan?

I tried to speak to classmates over online platforms and social media whenever possible. I have even had the chance to meet with some of them in person.  The hybrid system that GLOBIS offers allows me to take on-campus classes up to a certain amount. I am definitely making plans to take this opportunity this year and get to know the staff, lecturers, alumni, and many more classmates.

What advice would you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the GLOBIS MBA?

Be active, listen, and participate. Only then would anyone get a grasp of the benefits of the classes.

Make sure you speak to the people close to you to create an atmosphere of support and understanding. They play a big role in your success, too. So, make time for them.

And finally, I would recommend taking pre-MBA classes to give you a good idea of the rest of the program.

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