Willem Moore

Willem Moore

Home country:
South Africa
Industry Background:
Automotive, IT, Strategy, Corporate Development

What is your professional background?

My career started off in information technology as a network and software engineer. I quickly progressed to a team leader and manager position. Seeking a new challenge in business planning and strategy, I changed departments in 2012. I believe that my MBA will support my career development to deepen my knowledge in business strategy and finance.  

Today, I’m leading our Corporate Development function for Africa and the Middle East, wearing a second hat as head of distribution for Southern Africa. It’s great to have one foot in strategy and the other in daily operations. It ensures strategy can be executed and implemented.

What do you like best about studying at GLOBIS?

So many things come to mind , but most important for me is flexibility, as I can attend classes from anywhere in the world. Second is the fact that lecturers have practical experience in their fields of expertise. We can discuss real-world problems and not only academic issues.

How do you network? Are there any opportunities to visit Japan?

Most of my networking is formed through the group work assignments. I feel that special friendships have formed during these periods of working together. Unfortunately, living very far away from Japan, I have limited opportunities to visit. But I do have many friends to call on for help in Japan.

Since starting your MBA program, have you had an opportunity to apply what you learned at work?

Absolutely, I do my best to take at least one key learning from each course and make it my own by implementing it in daily business activities and actively seeking opportunities for improvement (Kaizen).

What can you tell me about the other students in the program?

I sometimes find myself completely amazed by whom I’m sharing a class with. The level of professionalism and experience is incredible. The diversity also greatly contributes to our learning, as we can hear many different perspectives and ways of thinking in approaching a problem.

What advice would you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the GLOBIS MBA?

My personal advice to any prospective student: make the MBA journey your own journey by clearly articulating, in advance, what your objective is and what success would look like for you. It might seem like a daunting task, completing all the preparation assignments and reports, but enjoy the journey and trust the process.

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